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CZ Technologies, LLC offers business phone system sales and installation services throughout the United States. Our specialty is the installation of the award-winning Avaya IP Office communication platform. Our clients include small to medium-sized businesses across every industry. We can help your business transition from a legacy phone system to a new platform, utilizing current technologies and facilitating cost-efficient operations. Our primary focus is teaching YOU the full potential of your new phone system.

Are you an Avaya Business Partner? Need local representation for your sale? We support the nationwide network of Avaya Business Partners with our installation, programming and training services. Contact us today for a free project estimate!

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  • Sales Engineering - configuration review & consultation. 
  • Project Management - post-sale, direct with customer (if required).
  • Integration - existing system wiring, D-Mark extension, new or existing provider.
  • Letter of Agency - consultation with carrier on behalf of your customer. 
  • Programming - complete system programming and review .
  • Training - end-user training and administrative training classes. 
  • Cutover - quick and accurate cutover services. 
  • FDOB - Post-cutover oversight. "First Day of Business" with the new system. Onsite presence to ensure proper system operation (call routing, auto attendants) and end-user assistance and training. 
  • 30-day free follow-up support - satisfaction is guaranteed!


  • Hardware - e.g., IP403-based platform to IP500v2-based platform 
  • Software - e.g., 4.0.15 to 7.0.23 major upgrade
  • Service Providers - switching carriers, or moving from analog to digital/SIP trunking

Moving Locations

  • Hardware - uninstall at old location, re-install at new location.
  • Service Providers - moving to new location requires uninterrupted service from your provider.

Remote Support

  • General consultation - ensure your system was setup correctly by original vendor during installation. Are you making the most of the features and capabilities of the new system? 
  • Programming - call flow enhancements (auto attendants and queuing), new features.  
  • Upgrades - performed remotely! 
  • Training - remote administrative and system-usage training. 

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